World’s Topmost Weirdest Lotteries

You might be startled to know that lotteries have been throughout since ancient times. World History, both east and west, owes a lot to the lottery as it has provided funds that helped in constructing the Great Wall of China and the Athenian democracy. 


There are a lot of lotteries that are available in the market about which we are very aware. In all these lotteries you are not going to win any money, but you will gain some benefit. The following are some notable ones.

  1. A California Beer lottery- The Citra Double IPA was a rare edition beer from the Kern River Brewery in California. This was considered one of the most exceptional and best beers in the world. So with an immense high demand for this rare beer,  a beer lottery was organized on its day of inauguration. People had to sign up to their site to win six bottles of this exclusive super rare beer. It was worth signing in because one bottle costs $54, so six bottles would cost around $324 more or less. Also, they don’t deliver, so if you think you want to collect in person, all you have to do is go hiking, which is not easy. 
  2. When bacon gets promoted as a Lottery ticket- Okay, I know this sounds horrible, but this is the truth. A man named Homer Simpson discovered a bacon-flavored scratch card. Well, the idea of Indiana State Lottery was not to eat these bacon-scented tickets, but it was for bringing bacon back home. So if anyone, while scratching the card, can smell the majestic aroma of bacon, they can win a cash prize up to $10,000 or get a lifetime free bacon supply.
  3. The love Lottery- If you are someone least bothered about beer and bacon, then this might be your matter of interest. In the year 2014, the UK launched a sex lottery dating site, “Forget Dinner,” where the winner will get a chance to enjoy an extravagant night at one of the most expensive and fancy hotels. You can enjoy your night looking at the pole dancing or the mirrored ceilings and do that you need to do for a night- venturing your emotion.
  4. Speed Lottery for drivers- Sweden found out the best way to bring fast cars under control by turning it into a lottery. The driver who obeyed the speed limit got a chance to participate in a lottery where they can win massive prizes. The speed camera’s there took pictures of the number plate and the drivers who maintained speed limit. This helped to reduce speeding by 22 percent and saves life while keeping the drivers happy.
  5. Receipt lottery- The Polish Government decided to promote the culture of maintaining clarity and accounting with documents. So they announced to register a minimum of ten Polish receipts to get a chance to win prizes like cars, electronics, etc. 

So these are the most unfamiliar lotteries that occur around the world, but if none of these seems interesting to you can always keep trying traditional lotteries that are available in the LotteryGames.

Cheap Lotteries That Are Worth Millions

The most desirable option in a lottery is when you are betting on some low priced lotteries, and you finally end up winning millions by investing a euro or even less. If you are genuinely in search of such an opportunity, then we welcome you to the LotteryGames.


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But in this article, we will try to give all our readers a close look at all those lotteries which offer the most notable highest profits with the least investment. Yes, you may finally find out a way to win millions out of the least.

LotteryGames offering the cheapest lottery tickets

Tremendous lotteries like the American Powerball and Mega Millions are more likely to take place in newspaper headlines due to their massive jackpots. But LotteryGames is resilient to offer the best bets in all aspects and extents from all over the world. And guess the good news? You can get a chance to win millions, even with a small fortune. 

Below you can find a list of lotteries and check out the cheapest lottos that you can bet at the LotteryGames. 


Lottery Company

Price of Tickets

Minimum Wining amount

Record winning amount

Chances of winning

MINI Lotto




1 : 850,668

SA PowerBall


£1 Million

£13 Million

1 : 42,375,200

Brazil Quina



£34 Million

1 : 24,040,016

SA Lotto



£6.2 Million

1 : 20,358,520

Polish Lotto



£9 Million

1 : 13,983,816



£10 Million

£139 Million

1 : 100,000,000

Swedish Lotto Plus



£19 Million

1 : 6,724,520

Mexico Melate


£1.2 Million

£15 Million

1 : 32,468,436

Keno 24/7


£1 Million

£10 Million

1 : 8,911,711




£1 Million

1 : 2,147,181

German Keno




1 : 2,147,181

Multi Keno




1 : 8,911,711


 What is the best value Lotteries available?

From the list above, you can find the cheapest priced lottery tickets that are available around different countries of the world like Brazil, Poland, Germany, etc. All of these organizations are responsible for some incredible lottery betting opportunities. While the LotteryGames WorldMilion tickets are worth one pound but that offers a huge prize. However, some of the best lotteries include the Polish Mini Lotto that provides a super value of just worth £0.35, which is less than a pound. They offer to get a chance to win tens of thousands of pounds as the minimum jackpot depends on the number of tickets that are sold in Poland, which obviously cannot be assumed. But on a very rough estimation, the starting amount typically starts with a £40,000 mark. While the prizes from this lottery may not end up to millions but it also provides some added benefit of having higher winning chances in comparison to any international lottery.

While the second cheapest lottery is the SA Powerball Lottery, and the Brazilian Quina Lottery takes the third rank of the list. The Brazilian Quina offers ticket worth fifty pence that offer a winning prize in millions. However, the SA Lotto is not very far behind as they offer a minimum jackpot of £50,000 with tickets worth £0.50. Well, UK players may not be very familiar with these lotteries, but you can try out your luck with some cheap lotto alternatives.


The Forever Regretted Unclaimed Lottery Prizes Of All Time.

Unclaimed lottery winning is a real big issue for all significant lottery companies, and this is even a bit of bigger lousy luck for all those ticket holders who refrain from these wins. Billions of dollars of unclaimed lottery winnings go unclaimed every year from both small victories to jackpot prizes that are worth millions. In this article, we are going to take a look at all the biggest unclaimed lottery prizes of all time. 



It was 2018 in the UK. It has been estimated someone won £125.1 Million from lotteries and scratch cards, but unfortunately, the amount remained unclaimed. 

Case #2

In the US, even someone won $2.89 billion, but the amount remained unclaimed for over a year.

In the year 2017, a winning prize that is worth 167 Power Ball prizes that is worth a million dollars remained unclaimed.

Where does the unclaimed money go?

When a lottery prize goes unclaimed, the destiny of the money is decided by the country or the lottery company. In the UK, the lottery winners get a chance to claim their cash within 180 days. Again in Ireland, people get a chance to claim their money in just 90 days. But if the winner does not appear within this grace period, then the winning amount is distributed among the charitable causes. 

But in the US, things are a bit different. The winners get a grace period of a year, even though that slightly varies depending on the state. If no one claims the winning prize, then the money goes to the state from where the ticket has been purchased.

The Canadians also get a year to claim the lottery prize that they have won. But once the winning amount remains unclaimed, the money either goes to the province, or the amount is added to the future prize funds.

What is the biggest unclaimed jackpot ever?

The biggest unclaimed jackpots were from Europe, where the most significant prize rose to £63.8 million in June 2012, which ended up being around USD 99M at the exchange rate. People anxiously wanted to know who the lucky winner was, but no one ever claimed the prize. However, finally, the money was being generously distributed among all the charities, which was also excellent. 

The US has a record of the most fabulous unclaimed lottery prizes in the year 2017, where 167 total unclaimed Power Ball prizes were estimated to be worth $1 million. Another biggest unclaimed Power Ball jackpot was $77.1 million from a ticket that was bought in Georgia in the year 2011. 

So it's not just about the UK, the US, or Europe. There several places like Dublin, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Mexico, where several unclaimed lotteries year after year are either contributed to the charity or the state. But if you are a Lottoland player, then don't you worry. No matter how big or small the winning amount is, the amount will be automatically credited to your account along with a confirmation mail. The company also contacts the wining person via a phone call and let them know the good news. So don't worry and get started with the best online lottery payout!